Saliba Records Mikel Arteta Diss Track – EXCLUSIVE SNIPPET

Arsenal loanee William Saliba is back at it again. Following his controversial interview with French outlet RMC, during which Saliba criticised Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta, the French centre-back has escalated tensions further by recording a Mikel Arteta diss track.

Last week Saliba told press: ‘He [Arteta] judged me on two and a half matches. I would have liked for him to play me more. But he told me I wasn’t ready.’ This week, the defender has taken to the mic to offer a scathing rebuke of the Arsenal boss, as well as some of his Arsenal teammates, clearly still peeved by his lack of game time under Arteta.

While the full song is yet to be released, Total FootBull is able to bring you an exclusive snippet which you can listen to below:

Arteta, je suis better than David Luiz/ Arteta, gone regret(a) not playing me g
Arsenal’s best defender? That’s Willie Sali(ba)/ Arteta’s best defender, ask AFTV (please)

Hey Mikel Arteta, why you so upset, huh?/ I’ll fire shots like Lacazette and pull out my Beretta
Hey Mikel Arteta, why you so upset, huh? Fire shots like Aubameyang, all you’ll hear is bang bang bang

It’s not yet clear whether the Spaniard will respond, though he was reportedly apoplectic upon hearing the diss. Sources close to Arteta claim that he’s since reached out to Bradley Wright-Phillips, Lord of the Mics participant and son of Arsenal legend Ian Wright, as he gets to grips with penning a retort.

Whatever happens from here, it’s safe to say that Arteta has 99 problems right now, and William Saliba is certainly one.

Kroenke Flies in Rams Quarterback to Show Bellerin How to Throw a Ball

Following a succession of foul throws by Hector Bellerin in recent weeks, Stan Kroenke has taken matters into his own hands – turning to his NFL team for assistance.

The much-criticised Arsenal owner has flown in Jared Goff, quarterback for the LA Rams, to teach Bellerin how to throw a ball.

The Spaniard has managed 5 foul throws already this season, a league high, and Kroenke hopes his QB will help Bellerin overcome his throw-in faux pas.

Goff, the first overall pick in the 2016 NFL draft, spent the early part of the week working with the Arsenal full-back while the rest of the team took part in tactical drills. Asked how the sessions went, a club insider told us: ‘Hector can now successfully identify zone coverage and can hit a receiver mid-stride, 60 yards downfield, though he still can’t take a throw-in’.

Goff is now expected to return home ahead of the Rams’ Thursday Night Football showdown against the New England Patriots, and Arsenal’s Thursday night football tie with the mighty Dundalk.