LEAKED: European Super League Teams Set to Adopt New Franchise Names and Crests

As the footballing world deals with the fallout from Sunday night’s European Super League’s announcement, more news has leaked about the proposed league that will undoubtedly shock the footballing world.

According to leaked documents, all twelve participating clubs are set for a controversial rebrand, with each being given a new ‘franchise’ name. Super League lawyers believe that the move could help their teams avoid future legal trouble, while founders of the Super League think it will help the league appeal to a larger, English speaking audience.

You can view all twelve of the proposed new franchise logos below.

Inter Milan will now be known as the Milan Grass Snakes.
Inter’s long standing rivals AC Milan have adopted the Milan Black Devils title.
Juve’s new name is a play on the club’s nickname.
Real are one of the few teams set to maintain elements from their previous crest, and will now be known as the Madrid Royals.
Atletico are now set to go by the Mattress Makers.
Barcelona have embraced the Catalonian flag.
The boys from West London will now go by the London Blue Lions
The Gunners are now the London Gunners.
The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium will now host the London White Cocks.
The men from Old Trafford took inspiration from the club’s ‘red devils’ nickname.
Manchester City are now the Manchester Blue Moons
Liverpool’s new identity incorporates the nearby River Mersey.